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WATLOW EZ-ZONE® Controllers

Watlow's EZ-ZONE Integrated Thermal LoopISE / Watlow's EZ-ZONE® controllers require less panel space, minimize system complexity and best of all, lower the total cost of ownership. ISE / Watlow EZ-Zone also decreases design and assembly time.  Because these products are modular and scalable, you only pay for what you need. You can order the EZ-ZONEs in multiple configurations giving you the flexibility to standardize on the product platform to solve your wide range of application needs.

EZ-ZONE features include Watlow TRU-TUNE®+ adaptive control and a variety of industrial communication protocols including EIA 485, EIA 232, EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus® TCP.

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  Integrated controller allows common controller platform across many applications and functions

1 to 64 PID loop controller
  • Saves money because only needed loops are purchased
Advanced PID control algorithm
  • Offers TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control to provide tighter control for demanding applications
Current monitoring for entire system
  • Detects condition of up to 18 individual outputs and loads through the use of three current transformer inputs
Communication capabilities
  • Provides a range of protocol choices including Modbus® RTU, Ethernet/IP™, Modbus® TCP and DeviceNet™
SPLIT-RAIL™ control
  • Allows mounting of high and low voltage modules in different cabinets with individual components functioning together even if physically split apart
  • Saves time by reducing complexity and automatically configuring a new module with the same parameter settings as the replaced module
  • Prevents customer system shutdown and product scrap or loss by allowing a sensor to be chosen to backup another sensor in case of primary sensor failure

EZ-ZONE PM:  Discrete PID controller AND over/under temperature limit

Features Benefits
Integrated PID and limit controller
  • Reduces wiring time and termination complexity
High amperage power controller output
  • Drives 15-ampere resistive loads direct and reduces component count
Current monitoring
  • Detects heater current flow and provides alarm indication of a failed output device or heater load
Serial communication capabilities
  • Provides a range of protocol choices including Modbus® RTU, Ethernet/IP™, Modbus® TCP and DeviceNet™
Remote set point operation
  • Supports efficient set point manipulation from a remote device such as a master controller or PLC

EZ-ZONE PM Express:  Easy-to-use discrete PID controller AND over/under temperature limit

Features Benefits
Simplified menu
  • Fits basic applications with a user-friendly interface supported by two menus and a streamlined list of parameters
PID auto-tune
  • Provides auto-tune for fast, efficient start-up
Standard bus communications
  • Allows easy product configuration via PC communications protocol and free software
Factory Mutual (FM) approved over and under limit with auxiliary outputs
  • Increases user and equipment safety for over- and under-temperature conditions
Removable front panel
  • Saves time and labor with replacements and troubleshooting

EZ-ZONE ST:  PID controller with solid state relay output and profiling capability

Features Benefits
Profile capabilities
  • Includes ramp and soak with four files and 40 total steps
Solid state relay output
  • Allows faster cycling, more precise control, increased heater life and energy efficiency
PID temperature control
  • Allows single input/dual output
  • Allows standard PID or advanced PID tuning algorithms
EZ-ZONE ST with optional EIA 485 Modbus® RTU
  • Allows communications with PLC, PC or HMI
EZKB (RUI) with optional EIA 232/485 Modubus® RTU, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus® TCP or DeviceNet™
  • Allows communications with PLC, PC or HMI
Back panel or DIN-rail mount
  • Provides several mounting options
Advanced controllability algorithms
  • Offers TRU-TUNE+ for meeting demanding controllability requirements