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West PID Temperature Controller Specifications

Series 4400 Ramp Dwell Programmer


Program Capability: 8 Recipes of up to 16 segments (ramp, dwell, end or join).

Program Join: Allows programs to be up to 128 segments long.

Program Selection, Run, Abort, Hold: Available from buttons on front panel or remotely.

Self Tuning: Available on dwells.

End of Program Output Relay: Standard.

Real Time Clock: Available as an option.

Easy to Set up

Configuration Program: Available to set up controls via a personal computer with or without communications option on the control.

Maximum Number of Inputs: (1) analog, (5) TTL Logic .

Input Sample Rate: Four times/second.

Input Resolution: Four times better than display resolution.

DC Linear Input Scaling: User programmable scale range minimum: -1999 to 9999; Scale range maximum: -1999 to 9999; Decimal point user programmable; Minimum span 1 display LSD.

Outputs: Up to (3) Control/ Alarm Outputs & (4) Event Outputs (1) End of program relay available.

Relay Outputs: SPDT 2A resistive 240VAC maximum > 500,000 operations at rated current/voltage.

SSR Drive/TTL: > 4.2V DC into 1K ohm minimum

DC Linear Outputs: Eight bits in 250mS; 10 bits in 1 second

Maximum Number of Alarms: Two “soft” alarms plus loop alarm which can utilize up to two outputs.

Loop Alarm: May be used to detect virtually all loop failures including shorted T/C, defective heat source, blown fuses on load and etc.

Communications: RS485 Serial asynchronous with user selectable address 1-32; Baud rate selectable from 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200 baud.

Operating Conditions: 0 to 55 degrees C; 20-95% RH non-condensing; 90-264VAC or optional 20-50VAC/22-65VDC supply voltage.

Thermocouple Source Resistance: 1000 ohm maximum

RTD Lead Resistance: 50 ohm maximum (balanced)

Accuracy: +/- 0.25% of span +/- 1 LSD

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To build a Part Number fill in the selections below.


4401 1/4 DIN Ramp/Dwell Programmer Control with Auto-Tune, Auto/Manual



1 3 Wire RTD or DC Millivolts
2 Thermocouple
3 DC Milliamps
4 DC Volts

Output #1

1 Relay
2 DC logic for Solid state relay
3* DC 0-10VDC
4* DC 0-20mA
5* DC 0-5VDC
7* DC 4-20mA

Output #2

0 None
1* Relay
2* DC logic for Solid state relay
3* DC 0-10VDC
4* DC 0-20mA
5* DC 0-5VDC
7* DC 4-20mA

Output #3
0 None
1* Relay
2* DC logic for Solid state relay
3* DC 0-10VDC Recorder (retransmit) output only
4* DC 0-20mA Recorder (retransmit) output only
5* DC 0-5VDC Recorder (retransmit) output only
7* DC 4-20mA Recorder (retransmit) output only

00 None
10* RS485 Serial Communications (Cannot use with option 30)
02* 24VAC/24VDC Power Supply (instead of 90-264VAC)
100* (4) Event Outputs
010* Remote Program inputs
001* Real Time Clock

* Items marked are optional and are extra cost. Most features are easily upgradeable in the field via plug in option boards.

[HRule Image]

Output types and proper uses:

Relay: Form C contact output suitable for any voltage up to 2 Amps/240 VAC; Use to drive mechanical contactors, relays, mercury contactors Din-A-Mites with AC Voltage inputs.

SSR Drive: Suitable to drive solid state relays with the standard 3-32VDC input.

Linear Outputs: Usually used with power controls that accept a matching linear input signal.

Retransmit Outputs: Supply other equipment with a linear signal proportional to the input or setpoint value.

Outputs #2 & #3 (Relay and SSR drive) can be utilized as a second control output (i.e. cooling) or as an alarm output (high process, deviation high, deviation low, band)

So that ISE can totally configure your instrument for your application we need the following information:

1) Model number
2) Use for each output (i.e. heat, cool with band alarm )
3) General application description (i.e. plastic extruder)
4) General description of devices that the control will be driving such as : Output #1: Mercury contactor; Output #2 motor starter relays for cooling blowers.

We will assist in the selection of the proper control and model number for your application. Fill in information at the bottom of this page to receive a quotation, literature or other information.

For protection of your process use a West High/Low Limit Control.



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