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Commander Supervisory Software


Commander Supervisory Software

This is Commander's Main Screen. It allows the user easy access to the program's functions. Press the buttons above to see a few of the other sample screens. Many other functions are available please request literature for details.

Commander Supervisory Software Trial Software

Download Commander Literature & Specifications.


Commander Supervisory Software

Commander 4.2 is a complete communication, data logging and graphic interface to the popular West, Watlow, Partlow, Honeywell process controls and any controls that use Modbus or West ASCII Protocols

NEW Version 4.2!

[Bullet] Commander improves operator productivity with centralized parameter displays.
[Bullet] Commander identifies badly tuned loops with loop graphics, easily assisting in process problem adjustments.
[Bullet] Commander improves product quality and consistency through better control tuning.
[Bullet] Commander has the ability to see loop interaction through multiple loop graphing capabilities.
[Bullet] Commander allows the user to monitor PID parameters and monitor with immediate results.
[Bullet] Commander stores and retrieves machine setups with recipe capabilities for run to run consistency.
[Bullet] Commander includes comprehensive data logging for statistical analysis and documentation. Data can be easily viewed within Commander and through spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.
[Bullet] Commander includes numerous reports for documentation.
[Bullet] Commander includes alarm and problem logging. Capability to Email on Alarm to up to (3) user defined email addresses.
[Bullet] Very easy setup because the program was designed to interface to your controls.
[Bullet] Low cost solutions available for up to 128 controls.
[Bullet] Communicates using West ASCII and Modbus Protocols.  Tables are included to allow communications to West, Partlow, Watlow and Honeywell controls.  Other Modbus definition tables can be easily added.

 [Bullet] Numerous Modbus tables are included.  Tables can easily be developed or modified by the user.  Microsoft Access is required to develop new tables.

 [Bullet] Real time basic control data available to other computers on a network via a  Microsoft Access file.

 [Bullet] Now data logs to up to 8 independent databases at once.

 [Bullet] Complete support for specialized parameters for the West 4400 ramp dwell controller.

 [Bullet] Save, Copy & paste PID and other control parameters.

 [Bullet] View information from remote locations via network connection.

 [Bullet] Communicates with West/Partlow MLC series multi-loop control systems.


Pentium IBM Compatible 166 MHz or greater.
16 MB RAM (32 or greater Recommended)
Disk Space:
20 MB
Operating System:
Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT or higher
Other Software:
Interfaces with Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Access, West 4400 Program Editor and others
Uses standard serial communication ports, RS485 ports or USB port with optional converters.

Download Commander Literature & Specifications.

Go to our download page to download a fully operation trial version or to upgrade your existing


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