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Data Loggers

ISE's product range includes a broad range of data loggers to provide the user with comprehensive documentation for quality control.

Our DaqPRO data logger includes a comprehensive set of features. The data logger can be programmed to log most any parameter.  The data logger inputs read directly with most temperature sensors (thermocouple, RTD), and most analog signals.  The data logger includes an easy to use program for downloading and graphing the logged data.  The data is easily transferred to Excel with one mouse click if desired.
Data Logger

DaqPRO Data Logger

Up to 8 Isolated, Universal, 16 BIT Input Data Logger!
Includes eight input channels for measuring voltage, current and temperature. Selectable ranges for each input are 0-24mA,
0-50mV, 0-10V, NTC, PT-100 RTD, Thermocouple (J, K, T), Frequency (Limited to 1 Frequency Input)
Includes an alarm output
Data logger stand alone operation - samples, displays and graphs measurements without being connected to a PC
Data Logger real time logging/graphing is also available while connected to a computer
Large graphic display showing collected data as measured values, graphs or tables
Setup via the DAQPRO keypad or included analysis software
Multiple data logging storage of up to 100 sampling sessions
Powerful data logger analysis software for Windows 2000, XP.
Most economical eight channel data logger on the market
Perfect replacement for the now obsolete MMS-3000 data logger.

Data Logger Detailed Information



[HRule Image]

Our MicroLog data logger measures and logs environmental temperature and optionally humidity.  An auxiliary input is provided for additional flexibility.  These data loggers are ideal for controlled environments such as computer rooms, warehouses, museums and other critical areas.  They are also commonly used to data log the environment while sensitive items are in transit.

MicroLog Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

Data Logger Models for Temperature and Temperature/Humidity with Integral Sensors.
Use cable to down load or optionally view real time data logger data via wireless link.  With the wireless link up to 200 data loggers can be used.
Long life replaceable battery provides power for situations where power is unavailable.
Infra red port to optional printer.
Auxiliary input allows the connection of optional external sensors/adapters for pH, temperature, 0-10V, 0-20mA & contact closure.
Local display of measured parameters along with minimum and maximum values.
Optional cradles are available that allow local alarm indication.

MicroLog Data Logger

Wireless MicroLog Data Logger




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Recorder Recorder

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