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ISE Products

ISE's product range include products for complete thermal systems, and power quality correction. We can supply a complete engineered package of products for the control, sensing, heating, monitoring, data logging and recording of your next temperature related or other process application.

Process Controls, Temperature Controls
We have a complete line of temperature & process controls suitable for almost any application.

Pressure Transducers & Instrumentation
ISE's product line includes pressure transducers and instrumentation for use in the plastics, food and other industries.


Digital Panel Meters
Measure, Display & Alarm virtually any process variable with our line of digital panel meters.


Electric Heaters
Our complete range of heaters for all industrial heating applications.


Supervisory Software
Our own very powerful software package for monitoring, data logging, graphing and documenting your processes.

Tower Lights
Our product line includes a complete range of tower lights for indication of alarm or machine status.


SCR Power Controls
Zero fired SCR power control, phase angle SCR power Control in single and three phase configurations handling loads from 1 Amp to over 1000 Amps.


Variac Variable Transformers
A complete line of manual and motorized variable transformers for AC voltages.


Voltage Regulators, Power Conditioners & Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
We have a complete line of power conditioning products covering small single phase to large three phase applications. Regulates and cleans your AC power supply.


Recorders to document your processes.  Included are strip chart and circular chart recorders.

A complete line of industrial thermocouples, wire and accessories.


Our product range includes a broad range of timers and counters. Products include both electronic and mechanical versions.


Panel Meters & Meter Relays
We offer a complete line of analog meters and meter relays.


Tachometers Portable tachometers, stroboscopes, panel mount tachometers and counters.


Wire and Accessories
We have all the wire and accessories to make your system complete.


Current Clamps (CT's)
Our product range includes a broad range current clamps for measuring AC and DC amperages. Current clamp models with various outputs are available to meet virtually any application requirements.

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Technical Reference Data Pages

  Thermocouple Technical Reference Includes useful information on the proper application of thermocouples, definitions and international color codes.
  PID Controller Technical Reference Includes PID definitions, and useful information for the proper use of process and temperature controls.
Product Literature
Includes product literature covering many of our products.

Installation & Operation Manuals
Includes operation manuals covering many of our products.
  Electrical Calculators
Compute Current, Wattage, Resistance in single and three phase circuits.   [HRule Image]

ISE Services

ISE has a highly trained service department to keep your processes running. Repair & Service We repair and calibrate all brands of temperature controls, process controls, timers, counters, power controls and many other types of instrumentation.
  Calibration & Certification ISE offers NIST tracability and certification to meet your requirements.
  Expedited Repair Service ISE offers an Expedited Repair program for your emergency situations.


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