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 ISE Product Information, Literature & Instruction Manuals

  Instrumentation & Controls

      Temperature Control & Process Control Instrumentation

      Digital Panel Meters and Bar Graph Meters

      Meter Relays

      Manuals for older & obsolete temperature/ process controls

  Timers & Counters

      Timers & Counters

  Pressure Transducers & Instrumentation

      Plastic Extrusion Pressure Instrumentation & Transducers

   Data Loggers & Recorders

      Data Loggers & Recorders

   Speed & Force Instrumentation

      Tachometers, Stroboscopes & Speed Instrumentation

      Force Measuring Instrumentation

  Supervisory Software

      Commander Supervisory Software

  Final Control Devices

      Variable Transformer (Variac)

      SCR Power Controls and Solid State Relays

  Tower Lights & Indicating Lights

      Tower Lights  

   Heating Elements

       Heating Elements



      Current Clamps

  Power Quality Correction

      AC Voltage Regulators & UPS Systems

  Wire and Hardware

      High Temperature Wire, Thermocouple and Misc. Hardware

  Technical Data 

      Electrical Calculators

       PID Control Technical Notes

      Thermocouple Technical Reference

      Thermocouple Reference Table (mV vs. Temperature)

      Heat-up Wattage Calculator

  Repair & Calibration

     Repair and Calibration

  Information on Obsolete Items

     Obsolete Controls, Recorders & Data Loggers, Timers and Other Products


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