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 ISE Product Information, Literature & Instruction Manuals

  Instrumentation & Controls

      Temperature Control & Process Control Instrumentation

      Digital Panel Meters and Bar Graph Meters

      Meter Relays

      Manuals for older & obsolete temperature/ process controls

  Timers & Counters

      Timers & Counters

  Pressure Transducers & Instrumentation

      Plastic Extrusion Pressure Instrumentation & Transducers

   Data Loggers & Recorders

      Data Loggers & Recorders

   Speed & Force Instrumentation

      Tachometers, Stroboscopes & Speed Instrumentation

      Force Measuring Instrumentation

  Supervisory Software

      Commander Supervisory Software

  Final Control Devices

      Variable Transformer (Variac)

      SCR Power Controls and Solid State Relays

  Tower Lights & Indicating Lights

      Tower Lights  

   Heating Elements

       Heating Elements



      Current Clamps

  Power Quality Correction

      AC Voltage Regulators & UPS Systems

       AC Voltage, Current and Power Quality Instrumentation

      Volts/Amps/Watts/KVA Signal Conditioners and Monitors

  Wire and Hardware

      High Temperature Wire, Thermocouple and Misc. Hardware

  Technical Data 

      Electrical Calculators

       PID Control Technical Notes

      Thermocouple Technical Reference

      Thermocouple Reference Table (mV vs. Temperature)

      Heat-up Wattage Calculator

  Repair & Calibration

     Repair and Calibration

  Information on Obsolete Items

     Obsolete Controls, Recorders & Data Loggers, Timers and Other Products


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