2520-3 Staco Variac Variable Transformer

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Staco Variac / 240/ 480VAC Three Phase Input / 0-560VAC Output / 10A / Manual Operated / Open Construction

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2520-3 VARIAC® Variable Transformer,

480VAC Three Phase Wye 50/60 Hz Input;
0-480VAC L to L or 0-560VAC L to L Output (depending on wiring);
 (60 Hz only with stepped up voltage output)
10 Amps Maximum;
Manually operated;
Open version (no case).

The customer can also wire for the following:

240VAC Three Phase 60 Hz Input;
0-560VAC Output;
10 Amps @ 0-300VAC Output;
 5.7 Amps @ 430VAC Output;
 5 Amps @ 480VAC Output;
 4.3 Amps @ 560VAC Output;

This model can be used on 400 Hz Source with the following maximum ratings: 
480V Input: Maximum 9.3 Amp @ 0-280V output
240V Input (Voltage Doubler Connection): 9.3 Amps @ 0-300VAC Output; 5.3 Amps @430VAC Output; 4.6 Amps @ 480VAC Output; 4 Amps @ 560VAC Output;  

Note: This is a (3) ganged transformer (3 coils on a common shaft). A three phase WYE source (with Neutral) is recommended.  Contact ISE technical support regarding use on a DELTA source. 

Additional Information

2520-3 Drawing

Visit 2500 Series Variable Transformer for additional details

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