Laurel Electronics, Laureate 1/8 DIN 5 Digit LED Digital Panel Meter

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Laurel Laureate 5 Digit, High Accuracy, Panel Meter available with choice of input options. True RMS AC volts / amps, DC Volts /  Amps, Process Signal, Load Cell,  Thermocouple or RTD & Ohms.

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Laurel Laureate Digital Panel Meters are a cost-effective solution to a wide range of monitoring and control applications, offering performance and programmable features not found in other meters.Exceptional flexibility is provided by software and hardware options for control, analog output, and serialcommunications.

The meters are economical, fit in a standard 1/8 DIN panel cutout, and are sealed to NEMA-4X from the front.

Standard Features

 Choice of 5 signal conditioners
  • DC volts, amps, process, strain
  • Load cell, 6-wire, to 20mV FS
  • True RMS volts & amps
  • Thermocouple
  • RTD & Ohms

    Note: Extended DPM option adds rate of
    change & linearization of nonlinear
    inputs. Not applicable to
    thermocouple or RTD inputs.

 Exceptional accuracy

  • 0.01% of FS for DC, load, process
  • 0.1% of FS for AC RMS
  • 0.3C for thermocouples
  • 0.1C for RTDs

 Scalable to engineering units

  • 5 digits to 99,999 or 99,990
  • All ranges factory calibrated
  • Three scaling methods: scale &offset, two-point, or signal input

 High-speed data collection

  • 50 or 60 conversions/sec
  • Adaptive digital noise filter
  • Peak hold & auto-tare

 Universal power

  • 85-264VAC / 90-300VDC or 12-34VAC / 10-48VDC

 Isolated 5, 10 & 24 VDC output

  • Powers 4 load cells in parallel

 Red or green LED display

 Additional Information

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    • Weight
      2 lbs
    • SKU
    • Mnf#/Vendor#
  • Manufacturer
  • Made In USA
  • DPM
    • Meter Type / Display Color
      (L2) Basic DPM, Red LED, (L1) Basic DPM, Green LED, (L4) Extended DPM, Red LED, (L3) Extended DPM, Green LED
    • Power Supply Options
      (0) 85-264VAC or 95-300VDC, (1) 12-34VAC or 10-48VDC
    • Outputs
      (0) None, (1) Two 8A Form C Contact Relays, (2) Two 120mA Solid State Relays, (3) Four 8A Form A Contact Relays, (4) Four 120mA Solid State Relays
    • Analog Output
      (0) None, (1) Single Analog 4-20mA, 0-10V, -10 to +10V
    • Communication
      (0) None, (1) RS232 Serial, (2) RS485 Serial ( w/ 2 RJ11 Connectors), (4) RS485 Serial (w/ 2 RJ45 Connectors), (5) USB, (6) USB to 485 Server, (7) Ethernet, (8) Ethernet to RS485 Server
    • Input
      (DCV1) DC Volts: +/-200.00mV, (DCV2) DC Volts: +/-2.0000V, (DCV3) DC Volts: +/-20.000V, (DCV4) DC Volts: +/-200.00V, (DCV5) DC Volts: +/-600.0V, (DCA1) DC Amps: +/-2.0000mA, (DCA2) DC Amps: +/-20.000mA, (DCA3) DC Amps: +/-200.00mA, (DCA4) DC Amps: +/-5.000A, (RMV1) RMS Volts: 200.00mV, (RMV2) RMS Volts: 2.0000V, (RMV3) RMS Volts: 20.000V, (RMV4) RMS Volts: 200.00V, (RMV5) RMS Volts: 600.0V, (RMV6) RMS Volts: 300.00V, (RMA1) RMS Amps: 2.0000mA, (RMA2) RMS Amps: 20.000mA, (RMA3) RMS Amps: 200.00mA, (RMA4) RMS Amps: 5.000A, (P1) Process Signal: Custom Scaling*, (SG1) Strain Gauge: Custom Scaling*, (WM1) Load Cells: -99,999 to +99,999*, (JC) Thermocouple: JC -210 to 760C, (JF) Thermocouple: JF -347 to 1400F, (KC) Thermocouple: KC -244 to 1372C, (KF) Thermocouple: KF -408 to 2501F, (TC) Thermocouple: TC -257 to 400C, (TF) Thermocouple: TF -430 to 752F, (EC) Thermocouple: EC -270 to 1000C, (EF) Thermocouple: EF -450 to 1830F, (NC) Thermocouple: NC -245 to 1300C, (NF) Thermocouple: NF -410 to 2370F, (RC) Thermocouple: RC -45 to 1768C, (RF) Thermocouple: RF -49 to 3213F, (SC) Thermocouple: SC -46 to 1768C, (SF) Thermocouple: SF -51 to 3214F, (P385C) RTD: Pt 100 Ohm Platinum -202 to 850C, (P385F) RTD: Pt 100 Ohm Platinum -331 to 1562F, (P392C) RTD: Pt 100 Ohm Platinum -202 to 631C, (P392F) RTD: Pt 100 Ohm Platinum -331 to 1168F, (N672C) RTD: Ni 120 Ohm Nickel -100 to 260C, (N672F) RTD: Ni 120 Ohm Nickel -148 to 500F, (C427C) RTD: Cu 10 Ohm Copper -100 to 260C, (C427F) RTD: Cu 10 Ohm Copper -148 to 500F, (R0) Ohms: 0-2.0000 Ohm (Special Fixed Range), (R1) Ohms: 0-20.000 Ohm, (R2) Ohms: 0-200.00 Ohm, (R3) Ohms: 0-2.0000 kOhm, (R4) Ohms: 0-20.000 kOhm, (R5) Ohms: 0-200.00 kOhm, (R6) Ohms: 0-2.0000 MOhm (Special Fixed Range), (SG) Strain Gauge: 0 to 200mV, (P) Process Signals: 4-20mA
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