Ametek HDR SHPF1 15-60A SCR Power Controls

Model SHPF1 SCR Power Control (15-60A)

SHPF1, Compact Size, Single Phase, Phase Angle Control, 15-60A for Resistive, Transformer & Inductive Loads
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    22 lbs
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    SHPF1 15-60A
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    SHPF1 15-60A

SHPF1 SCR Power Controls, Phase Angle (Single Phase, 15-60 Amps)

SHPF1 series SCR power controls are single phase, phase angle fired SCR power controls designed to deliver maximum power control with very high reliability. Phase angle fired units delay the turn on point in each half cycle of the sine waves for precise power control. This model can be used with resistive, inductive and transformer coupled loads. When the optional current limiting is utilized this model can be used with heaters that have a significant change in resistance during heat up. Other common applications for this model include IR heating and vibratory feeders.


AC Voltage Input

AC Voltage Output

Smaller Size Than The PF1 Series


Phase Angle Fired

Can Be Used with Infra-Red Heaters and to control Vibratory Feeders


Shipment in 2 weeks (Expedited Delivery Possible).


Load Type: Resistive, Inductive and Transformer Loads
Control Method: Phase Angle Firing of back to back SCRs
Voltage Ratings: Models available for up to 600VAC
Current Ratings: 15-60 Amps
Command Signals: Most standard process signals are supported
Isolation: 2500V RMS from power circuit to command signal and ground
Bias and Gain Adjustments: Multi-turn
Heat Sink: Electrically Isolated
Ambient Temperature Range: 0-50 Degrees C Operating, 0-70 Degrees C Storage
Relative Humidity: 0-95% Non-condensing
Agency Approvals: UL, cUL Listed, CE Compliant
Warranty: 5 Years


SCR Power Control SHPF1 15-60A Dimensions

Additional Information

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  • Voltage
    (120) 120 VAC, (240) 208 or 240 VAC, (400) 400 VAC, (480) 480 VAC, (575) 575 VAC
  • Current Rating
    (15) 15 Amps, (30) 30 Amps, (40) 40 Amps, (60) 60 Amps
  • Thermostat Option
    None, (NO) N.O. Thermostat, (NC) N.C. Thermostat
  • Options
    None, (CL) Current Limit and Over Current Trip, (OC) Over Current Trip, (CR) RMS Current Regulation, (PR) RMS Power Regulation
  • Command Signal Input
    (01) 4-20mA, (02) 0-10 VDC, (03) 0-5 VDC, (05) Manual Pot Input (Requires 5K Pot)
  • Manufacturer
    Ametek HDR
  • Made In USA
  • Agency Listing
    • UL
    • cUL
    • CE
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