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Tachometers and Stroboscopes



ISE Shimpo Tachometers has set the standard for quality, reliability, efficient design and ease of use with our lightweight metal construction, handheld contact and contact/non-contact laser tachometers. Recognized worldwide, our tachometers have an unlimited range of industrial and laboratory uses. Contact and non-contact portable tachometers are available.


Input/output shaft speed, belt, fan speed, total length and flash rate; from propeller speed to wire or yarn/filament speed, pulp and paper mills to blood centrifuges, Shimpo tachometers are the tachometers most requested by professionals. Some of their most common uses:

Measuring shaft speed
Measuring conveyor belt speed
Calibration (comparing speeds to verify that panel mounts are reading   correctly)
Measure linear speed
Measure distance (length)

Tachometers are available for contact and non-contact applications.  Laser non-contact tachometer models can measure RPM from up to 14 feet away and include an adapter that allows contact measurements.

Tachometer - Additional Information


Stroboscope / Tachometer


ISE Shimpo stroboscopes enable the user to view "stopped motion", when in actuality the equipment or media is moving at a high rate of speed.

Our stroboscopes are loaded with many features, including phase shifting. The digital display allows the flash rate (FPM) to be read as rotational speed measurement (RPM) or reciprocating speed for conditions where a handheld tachometer is impractical.


Designed for quality control, motion analysis and maintenance procedures including: production line checks, gear movement and engagement, propellers, turbines, monitoring vibrating parts, printing presses, oil leak checks and a host of other industrial and scientific operations.

Stroboscope - Additional Information



Shimpo Panel Mount Tachometer

Shimpo Tachometer & Counter Products

ISE products include the Shimpo full line of panel mount tachometers, counters, stroboscopes and portable tachometers.  Digital panel mount tachometer and counter models are available that scale the display to any engineering units. Our product range also includes a line of sensors and pulse generators to complete the system.

Panel Mount Digital Tachometer & Counter Information



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