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AC Voltage Regulators Single & Three Phase Automatic Voltage Regulators

Products range from 2 to 1500 KVA in single and three phase configurations and provide output voltage regulation to +/- 1%.

Power Conditioner Products range from 2 to 1000 KVA single phase and three phase and include isolation, transient suppression and voltage regulation to +/- 1%.

Rack Mount Voltage Regulators & Power Conditioners are available in Single Phase to 15KVA. These models include 1% voltage regulation.  120V and 240V nominal models are available.

Single Phase 50 Hz Power Source

Unistar C Frequency Converter.
50 Hz AC Power Source.
500W, 1000W, 1500W Rated.

These units allow you to power your equipment with 50 Hz power from your standard US 60 Hz power Source.  They can be used as tower or rack mount units.

Three Phase Power Conditioning UPS


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