West Control Solutions EC44 1/4DIN Profile Control OP RY/RY+LNR, DUAL RY 2/3, USB

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West 1/4 DIN Advanced Process Control EC44-0UP01-1M199-31-11 Ramp Dwell Profiler,  USB, (7) Relay Outputs, (1) 4-20mA Output, (9) Digital Inputs

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The ISE/West Pro-EC44 is a powerful control with optional programmer and recorder options. The EC44 includes a high contrast dual color backlit display. The display can be programmed to change colors depending on alarm status. It is packed with innovative features to control complex processes without setup complexities found in other controls. The available EC44communication options include USB Port, Ethernet Port, RS485 Port, and Configuration Port. Its simplistic operator interface is preferred by most operators.

We fully configure the control prior to shipment so that it is truly plugand play. Configurations can be easily modified if your requirements change.

Available Options/Configurations

  • 1/4 DIN format
  • Single, two loop, cascade or ratio control
  • Graphical / text display (red/green backlit LCD)
  • Optional Profiler Version (Ramp/Dwell) 255 segments shared by upto 64 programs
  • Optional USB for configuration and data access
  • Modbus RS485 or Modbus TCP Ethernet
  • Up to 5 PID sets
  • Gain scheduling
  • Datalogger with real time clock
  • Standards CE, UL
  • Ethernet MODBUS TCP

HMI Display

  • Graphic display - Easy to read backlit LCD (160 x 80)
  • Dual color screen (green / red)
  • Multi-language option (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Alarm status view
  • On screen trend view
  • LEDs to indicate heat, cool, auto-tuning and alarm

User operation and control

  • Easy setup wizard for quick configuration (inputs, alarms, outputs, comms,and real-time clock)
  • Up to (2) Universal inputs for thermocouple, RTDs, and linear DC process signals (mA, mV or V)
  • Flexible output options, relay, ssr driver, triac,and Linear DC
  • Digital inputs (9 max)
  • Optional USB port for local upload/download of configuration files & download logged data
  • Password protected supervisor and configuration mode
  • Pre-tune and self-tune function
  • Master-slave configuration for multi-zone applications

Profiling function (option)

  • 255 segments to allocate freely in up to 64 programs 
  • Ramp, dwell, hold, loop, or jump to other profile
  • User defined text profile names
  • Delayed or real-time day/time profile start
  • Up to 5 event outputs

-Datalogging Function (option)

  • Historic process data for analysis or reporting
  • Export data files via front USB or comms
  • Log process values, setpoints or alarms
  • Run-then-stop or FIFO (first in first out) buffer recording
  • Logging intervals from 1s to 30m

Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temp.:0 to 55C
Storage Temp.:-20 to 80C
Humidity:20% to 95% non-condensing RH

Supply Voltage:100 to 240V 50/60Hz; optional 20 to 48VAC / 22 to 65 VDC
Power Consumption:20VAmax

T/Cs:J, K, C, R, S, T, B, L, N, D, E and Pt 20% Rh vs. Pt 40% Rh
RTD:3-wire; PT100; NI120 50 per lead maximum (balanced)
DC Linear:
(scalable 1999 to +9999)
Volts: 0-5V, 1-5, 0-10, or 2-10VDC
DC milliamps: 0-20mA or 4-20mA
DC millivolts: 0-50mV or 10-50mV

All output types are user-selectable and customizable based on desired application; choose from the following output types:
Max. # of Outputs:Nine for control, alarm, 24VDC transmitter power supply or retransmit of process value or setpoint (limitations apply, see full specification for available options)
Relay:Optional SPDT; 240VAC 2.0A resistive. Lifetime: >500,000 operations at rated voltage/current. Reinforced safety isolation from other inputs and outputs.
Dual RelayOptional SPST; 240VAC 2.0A resistive. Lifetime: >200,000 operations at rated voltage/current. Reinforced safety isolation from other inputs and outputs.

SSR Driver (single or dual):Optional drive capability: >10VDC nominal into 500 minimum
DC Linear:Optional 020mA , 420mA into 500 max.; 010V, 15V, 210V, 05V into 500 minimum; control outputs have 2% over/under drive applied; accuracy Â0.25% (mA into 250 load, V into 2k load); degrading linearly to 0.5% for increasing burden to specified limits
Triac:Optional 0.01 to 1A AC, 20 to 280Vrms, 47-63Hz
Transmitter Power Supply:Optional 24VDC (19 to 28VDC) into 910 ohm minimum (1 Max)

Output Functions
All output functions are user-selectable and customisable based on the application:
Heat Powerreverse or direct
Cool Powerreverse or direct
Process Alarm:reverse or direct
Alarms:Up to 7 selectable as process high, process low, SP deviation, band, logical OR, logical AND alarm outputs, loop and rate of change. Alarms can be configured as latching
Loop Alarm:reverse or direct
Retransmit:setpoint or process value

Electrical Performance
Accuracy: 0.1% of input range 1 LSD (Thermocouple CJC) ; 0.25% of input range 1 LSD (Aux input)
Input Sample Rate:Process input 10 per second, aux input 4 per second 
Sensor Break Detection:Detected within 2secs, control goes to user preset value

Profiler (option)
Memory255 segments can be freely allocated in up to 64 programs. 
Segment typesRamp (rate or time), dwell (soak), hold, loop, join another profile, end or repeat sequence
ControlRun, hold, abort, profile select, jump to next segment, delayed profile start, real-time clock profile start

Datalogger (option)
Data record optionsPV (process variable), max and min PV between samples, actual SP (setpoint), output power, alarm & event status, power on/off
Record modesFIFO (circular buffer) or run-then-stop (fixed buffer)
Recording interval1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 sec or min
ControlManual, serial comms, digital input, synchronised with profile, PV rate of change, log on alarm

Communications Interface
Options:RS232 via RJ45 cable (configuration only), RS485 - Modbus RTU master or slave, Ethernet - Modbus TCP (10 base-T or 100 base-T), Ver 1.1/2.0 USB host for memory stick
PC Configuration:Off-line configuration from serial port to dedicated configuration socket (comms option not required)

Ratings / Agency Approvals
Safety:CE, UL, cUL
EMC:Certified EN61326
Other:ISO 9002 registered

  • IEC IP66 (IP65 with USB fitted); NEMA 4X (front panel) 
  • IEC IP20 (behind the panel protection) 

Physical Dimensions
Panel Cutout:92mm x 92mm
Weight:0.65kg maximum
Mounting:Plug-in with panel mounting fixing strap

Additional Information:

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Click Here for Installation & Operation Manual

Click to contact ISE with application assistance, product selection help or models not listed.   Additional models are available.

    • Weight
      3 lbs
    • SKU
    • Mnf#/Vendor#
  • Power Supply
  • Display Color
    (2) Red Upper - Green Lower
  • Manufacturer
  • EC44-0
    • Control Type
      (U) Controller with USB Port
    • Profiler Option
      (P) Profiler (Ramp/Dwell) Included
    • Power Supply
      (0) 100-240 VAC Powered
    • Control Loops
      (1) One Control Loop
    • Base Option 1 (Outputs)
      (1) Relay Output
    • Base Option 2 (Outputs)
      (M) Relay + DC Linear Output
    • Slot 1 (Outputs)
      (1) Relay
    • Slot 2 (Outputs)
      (9) Dual Relays
    • Slot 3 (Outputs)
      (9) Dual Relays
    • Option A (Comms, Digital Input, Aux Analog Input)
      (3) Digital Input
    • Options C (Multiple Digital Inputs)
      (1) 8 Digital Inputs
    • Display Language
      (11) English
  • Agency Listing
    • UL
    • cUL
    • CE
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