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Gentran Pressure Transducers and Pressure Indicators

Pressure Transducer -- Gentran

Gentran Melt Pressure Transducers

Our Gentran Pressure Transducers provide precise plastic melt pressure measurements for extruders and other applications. All pressure transducers are free of mercury and other hazardous materials commonly used in transducer designs. They are available in model versions that are plug-in interchangeable with models manufactured by all major pressure transducer manufacturers. Our pressure transducers utilize a thicker diaphragm that provides up to six times the useful life of competitive units. Versions are available with capacities up to 20000 psig with accuracies to +/- 0.5% of full scale. Optional integral thermocouple is available to provide melt temperature. Temperature range of the probes is 0-750F (-18 to 400C) at the tip.

These Transducers are Replaced with our Updated MK Series Pressure Transducers



Pressure Indicator -- Gentran

Gentran Pressure Indicators & Alarms

Our product line includes a wide range of pressure instrumentation for connection to pressure transducers. Pressure indicator models include analog, digital and combination analog and digital readout devices. These universal pressure indicators are compatible with any brand pressure transducer. Models are also available that display pressure and temperature at the same time. Differentential pressure indicators are also available. All units can be supplied with dual alarm outputs. A recorder output with selectable output ranges is included as a standard feature.

Pressure Transducer & Indicator Information


Gentran Tuffgage Pressure Transducer

Gentran Tuffgage Electronic & Mechanical Pressure Gauges

The Tuffgage line of extruder melt pressure indicator systems include both non-powered analog mechanical pressure indicator models and electronic bar graph types. These units are extremely rugged and are available with pressure ranges to 20,000 psig. All units are free of mercury and other hazardous materials commonly used in competitive designs. Some models are available with an alarm output. Thermocouple temperature sensing is available as an option.

Tuffgage Melt Pressure Gauge Additional Information




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