PS1-CON, Plus Series Configuration Software

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Configuration Software and Cable:

 P6100, P6101, 6100+, 6101+, P8100, P8101, 8100+, 8101+, P4100, P4101, 4100+, 4101+,P4100, P4101, 4100+, 4101+ West Controls

P6010, P6011, 6010+, 6011+, P8010, P8011, 8010+, 8011+, West Indicators

 P6700, P6701, 6700+, 6701+, P8700, P8701, 8700+, 8701+, P4700, P4701, 4700+, 4701+,P4700, P4701, 4700+, 4701+ West Limit Controls

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These boards are compatible with the West Plus series controls and indicators.The Plus series instruments model numbers start with a P.These boards can be used to change or add functionality.They are easily installed with the Plus series plug & play functionality.Some boards require some configuration changes.Installation instructions are included in the Plus series manual: http:///WestManual/6100PlusManual.pdf

These boards cannot be used with the older N series controls. For N Series compatible boards: N Series Option Boards

Shown below are the installation locations for the boards.

1/16 DIN Board Locations

1/8 & 1/4 DIN Board Locations

Click to contact ISE with application assistance, product selection help or models not listed.   Additional models are available.

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